Earth First, Fashion Second


As founders in fashion today it is our responsibility to create for now but also for the future. This is not only represented in our product but in our process, experience, and journey. We aim to drive sustainable efforts through each touch point in the brand, from the moment you’re interacting with us to the moment you’re wearing our pieces and thereafter. Earth first, Fashion second.

-Carolina Cordon-Bouzan & Gayle Yelon, Co-Founders at Montserrat New York.

Industry Impact


Lab Grown Diamonds


Why Lab-Grown Diamonds

MONTSERRAT New York's DNA is rooted in providing our customers with high-quality, fashion-forward styles at price points that empower buying new pieces every time they have an event to dress up for. Our customers look to us for effortless yet elevated jewelry that won't break the bank, all while expecting ethical sourcing as they shop. These new-age consumer shopping expectations and behaviors made it a no-brainer for us to offer the highest quality of sustainable luxury to our customers, introducing: lab-grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Vs Mined

Our diamonds are chemically pure diamonds - they have no measurable nitrogen or boron impurities. They are physically the same as natural diamonds.

How are they made

Lab-grown diamonds are made by grafting a small piece of a diamond and growing it in a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) machine that mimics the pressure of the earth and the sun. This creates the habitat necessary to grow a lab-grown diamond into any sized carat.

Live a more Sustainable Montserrat Lifestyle


The Montserrat Sustainable Lifestyle begins with you. .

Buying our totes or receiving one as a gift with purchase provides you with the perfect plastic and paper substitute. From the gym to the grocery store, carry your things in your Montserrat tote, never need a plastic or paper bag again.

Coffee at home makes all the difference. Did you know that 2.5 billion single-use coffee cups are discarded globally every year? Stay caffeinated with our most loved Ciao Espresso Cups. Less waste, more caffeine.

Lab grown diamonds are made of love for the planet, not from the planet. A material that is beautifully crafted without the harm of drilling and interrupting the ecosystems that our earth provides. Wear lab grown and be a part of the future that is the diamond industry.



Sustainable Shipping. Your order will arrive in either our 100% compostable mailer or our recycled cardboard shipping boxes. Both can be either repurposed or recycled, closing the loop on your entire shipping experience.

Keep it digital. Our packages are shipped with your order and a note from the Founders. No paper receipt is ever printed in order to limit our waste. Need to make a return? Email our team and we can take care of things all online :)

Jewelry pouches, your new favorite storage sitch. Perfect for your daily vitamins, a credit card, the ten different chapsticks floating around your bag, you know what we mean. A jewelry pouch made into an everyday storage hero.




With this we claim our efforts to be and become as sustainable as possible. The fashion industry is one of consumption, but if we can create tastefully, strategically, and consciously, then continuous sustainability efforts will ultimately be achieved.

Montserrat New York designs are made to Clothes The Loop on fashion. A movement we have put into play the idea that purchasing pieces that can be reworn, repurposed, and restyled means our customer can consume less. Buy Montserrat New York, Buy Less.

We aim to design pieces that are fashion forward yet timeless, special yet versatile. Montserrat New York jewelry, clothing, accessories, and lifestyle pieces are multifaceted purposefully. We want to not only be the moment, but become the heirloom.




Recycle our jewelry is made of recycled sterling silver, any item you purchase from us is a product of the industries efforts to better the planet, upcycle materials, and create a more sustainable world.

Upcycle our innovative team works to reuse and repurpose our unsold or damaged product. Anything we cannot or did not sell is strategically repurposed in ways that benefit both our customer and their experience, all while creating a sustainable upcycling system.